Tibetan Womens goechen chupa 05

Tibetan Womens goechen chupa 05
Item# tibetan-womens-goechen-chupa-05
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Product Description

Product Description

Tibetan Women's Traditional Dress

This is a common style of dress for women from the U-tsang region of Tibet. Called a chuba, this gown is usually made of wool, or like this one, silk (goe chen). It is normally worn over a long-sleeved blouse.

This women's chupa is as shown in the picture.

The blouse is not included. Sold seperately.

Size : Good for heights 5'4" upto 5'8" (Height is easy to adjust also. Can fold or expand also if your height doesn't fit in this).

Waist : Good for size 2 upto size 6.

Brand New women's Chupa.