Tibetan Womens Apron ws11

Tibetan Womens Apron ws11
Item# tibetan-womens-apron-ws11

Product Description

Tibetan Womens Traditional Dress APRON (Paang-den)

The apron is one of the favourite items of clothing for Tibetan women. According to Tibetan custom, they are the privileged garments for married women only. The apron should match the dress. A married Tibetan woman can own as many as hundreds of aprons, in order to change her style every day of the year!

There are two kinds of aprons: wide striped ones and narrow striped ones. The wide striped is with contrast, bright colours, as beautiful as rainbows. The narrow striped one is with harmonic colours, elegant and graceful.

Size : These Dress Aprons are One Size.

Made in TIBET