Tibetan Door Curtain 004

Tibetan Door Curtain 004
Item# tibetan-door-curtain-004

Product Description

Product Description

Beautifully designed Embroidered Tibetan Door Curtain/wall hanging. Double Dorjee on the top and the bottom. "Om Mani Padme Hoon" prayer for wisdom and compassion embroidered in Tibetan. Kalachakra Symbol (details below) followed by the eight auspicious Symbols (details below). Everything Embroidered.

Size: 72" length & 36" width


The seed syllable of the Kalachakra Heruka, the powerful mantra for peace and reducing suffering by calming negativity and conflict. The Kalachakra symbol means 'The one with ten powers'. It consists of seven individual syllables intertwined and crowned by symbols of the moon, the sun, and the flame, making a total of ten very powerful elements within the image.

The Ten Powers are described as ten existences - body, awareness, space, wind, fire, water, earth, stable, moving, and the gods unseen and uncreated. This ‘sign of the ten mighty ones’ has occupied a central place in Tantric Buddhism for many centuries, and has become a symbol of good fortune and protection for the wearer.


The Victory Banner – The emblem of Buddha’s victorious enlightenment and the methods for overcoming worldly defilements.

The Golden Fishes – represent happiness, fertility and abundance

The Treasure Vase – The divine vase of inexhaustible treasures possessing the quality of spontaneous manifestation

The Lotus – The symbol of absolute purity and compassion. It represents spiritual unfoldment – the transmutation of passion into compassion

The Conch Shell – An emblem of power, authority, and sovereignty whose blast is believed to banish evil spirits and avert natural disasters.

The Knot of Eternity - represents the meditative mind. It is an endless knot that overlaps without a beginning or an end. - symbolizing the Buddha’s endless wisdom and compassion

The Parasol – The traditional symbol of protection and royalty. The umbrella protects from all obstacles, illnesses and harmful forces.

The Dharma Wheel – The ancient symbol of creation became the symbol of spiritual and universal law in Buddhism. The hub of the wheel symbolizes moral discipline, the eight spokes – the Noble Eightfold Path, and the rim – meditative concentration.