Rain Of Blessings: Vajra Chants

Rain Of Blessings: Vajra Chants
Item# rain-of-blessings-vajra-chants

Product Description

Title: Rain Of Blessings: Vajra Chants

Artist: Lama Gyurme

Format: CD

UPC: 724384881429

Release Date: //2000

Track listing

1. Rain Of Blessings

2. Offering Chant

3. Medicine Buddha Mantra

4. Sacred World Of Liberation

5. Prayer To Sangye Menla

6. Chenrezi Pure Land Prayer

7. Six Syllable Mantra Of The White Lotus Lord, The

8. Refuge And Sevenfold Offering

9. Offering Chant - (unplugged version)


Producer: Jean-Michel Ruesser

Distributor: EMI Music Distribution

Recording type: Studio

Recording mode: Stereo

SPAR Code: n/a

Album notes

Full performer name: Lama Gyurme/Jean-Phillipe Rykiel.

Personnel: Lama Gyurme (vocals, Tibetan percussion); Jean-Phillipe Rykiel (arranger, piano, keyboards); Florin Niculescu (violin); Yakuba Sissokoh (kora).

Recorded at El Buho, Almunecar, Spain; Musykiel and Vajradhara Ling, France.

The Vajrayana, or Diamond Teachings, of Tibetan Buddhism encourage the celebration of life and the ardent pursuit of enlightenment. Cutting straight to the heart of these aims are Vajra chants. These deeply moving songs of healing and protection are presented here with keyboard embellishments and occasional percussion.

Tibetan Buddhist musical master Lama Gyurme and French composer Jean-Philippe Rykiel offer eight different chants (and an extra "unplugged" version of one) on this follow-up to their beloved 1996 collaboration THE LAMA'S CHANT. This time around, Rykiel's keyboards and other musical accompaniment take a more prominent role. Dramatic synthesizer chords support Gyurme's bass tones, while the gentle strums of a kora (African harp) weave in and out of almost every line. Percussion livens up the healing "Medicine Buddha Mantra" and acoustic piano shows up in "Offering Chant." While Rykiel's music is often quite moving, Gyurme's vibrant incantations feel like a rain of blessings in and of themselves.