Item# pw06

Product Description

Beautiful Table Top Prayer Wheel with turquoise and coral inlay. Tibetan Prayer Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hoon on the outside. Also the eight Auspicious signs on the outside.

Comes with amazing design to enhance your spiritual practice. Tibetan Prayer Wheels, which are also called "Mani Wheels" by the Tibetans and Buddhists worldwide, are spiritual devices for widely distributing blessings and positive wishes for all beings. Padmasambhava or "Guru Rinpoche" as he is so often called, says that using a prayer wheel brings great blessings, and creates enormous and powerful karma. Many lamas, monks and lay practitioners use the prayer wheel daily as an adjunct to using a Mala. The reason is simply that all of the thousands of prayers written inside the prayer wheel exponentially increase the blessings.

This table top Tibetan prayer wheel is filled with the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum in the tibetan script. Colorful and authentic. Simply place it on the corner of your desk and spin it in your idle moments.

Size : 9" height